analong Low self discharge Durable AA Battery 1 2V 2200mAh Ni MH Rechargeable Batteries 1 2V Batteries in Rechargeable Batteries from Consumer Electronics

analong Low self discharge Durable AA Battery 1 2V 2200mAh Ni MH Rechargeable Batteries 1 2V Batteries in Rechargeable Batteries from Consumer Electronics
analong Low self discharge Durable AA Battery 1 2V 2200mAh Ni MH Rechargeable Batteries 1 2V Batteries in Rechargeable Batteries from Consumer Electronics
analong Low self discharge Durable AA Battery 1 2V 2200mAh Ni MH Rechargeable Batteries 1 2V Batteries in Rechargeable Batteries from Consumer Electronics
analong Low self discharge Durable AA Battery 1 2V 2200mAh Ni MH Rechargeable Batteries 1 2V Batteries in Rechargeable Batteries from Consumer Electronics

Product Specification

Model Number: T2200

Nominal Capacity: 2200mAh

Type: NI-MH

Set Type: Batteries Only

Replacement Battery: No

Size: AA

Brand Name: analong

 Original AA 1.2V 2200mAh   analong rechargeable AA Ni-MH battery
. Model:AA 2200mAh
. Dimension (max): Diameter:14.5(mm)  Height:50.5(mm)
. Capacity:2200mAh
. Standard Charge->Current:220(mA) Time:15(H)
. Rapid Charge->Current:660(mA) Time:4(H)
. Application:Digital camera,portable video,game,flashlight,remote control,toy,MP3/MP4 playe,electric razor
AA size ni-mh rechargeable battery: Support high drain devices, 1200 times cycles.
1. Ready for use: Precharged, ready for immediate use.
2. Low self discharge: analong holds 90% capacity after 12 months at store, good capacity retention.
3. Four times longer lasting: analong takes four times more shots than alkaline battery for a digital camera. analong supports high drain devices.
4. Economic: Can be recharged and reused for up to 1200 times.
5. Environmentally friendly: Produce less waste than disposable batteries & enable energy and raw material savings.
6. Good for all applications: Digital camera, portable video, game, flashlight, remote control, toy, MP3/MP4 player, electric razor.
7. Latest Battery Technology achieve the best performance of alkaline and NiMH battery.

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Commetns :
Good batteries, really liked

Thank you!!!

Not the first time i order a great option

I ordered two packs, went almost a month to volgograd. One pack of soil was slightly opened. I'll check, i'll finish the review.

After 20 days lay already at the post office in mo, the track to the finish line. Ak-ry these take the second time, so there was no doubt: the goods and the seller are honest. Definitely, my experiments on ali with this question are over. Only these. Seller and delivery thank you.

The goods came in the package. Batteries are heavy. It must be. I recommend the seller. After use, i will add a review.

All four batteries are excellent! Delivery to barnaul in 27 days, sorry just not tracked. Who will buy batteries buy exactly these, you can even from this seller, take not how much you will not regret.

Of the eight, one doesn't work. The rest have an excellent capacity.

All ok

Charging. Came to samara for a month

Thank you, the batteries received, will use

Come whole. All charged at 1.29 v. I haven't checked in yet. I'm sure everything will be ok. Reviews read a lot. There are almost no dissatisfied.

Delivery is fast. Excellent acuma recommend seller. I will order more.

The batteries are good, the resistance is 50, but in some blisters there is one defective battery. Therefore, if you use simultaneously in the technique of 4 or 8 batteries-then i advise you to buy one extra blister. Those batteries that live no worse than panasonic. Two blisters caught without marriage. Judging by the price and quality of batteries put 5 stars. the batteries are good, the resistance is 50, but some blisters have one defective battery. Therefore, if you use simultaneously in the technique of 4 or 8 batteries-i suggest to buy an extra blister. Those batteries that live not worse than the panasonic. Two blisters were found without marriage. The price and quality of batteries put 5 stars.

In sochi, the package went for about a month, ordered two sets of batteries of 4 pieces in each, discharged "zero" with a conventional flashlight and then charged to full via charging liitokala Lii-PD4. The results of such a "test" in the photo.

Thank you have reached to me

Everything is fine, but strongly heated and batteries and charger, after 5-6 hours (just lay in the box, did not use) again show the charge of 30% ???????

The batteries were delivered approximately within the specified period. The real capacity has not yet checked.

Excellent batteries


The product corresponds to the description. Delivery is fast, as with the first order. The batteries came in whole, then the check in the case. Seller deserved⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

All batteries charge well

Received on charge put for inspection

Capacity as declared. Will buy again.

Delivery to n. novgorod 34 days. The batteries were packed in a bag with a pup. The track was tracked throughout the journey. Checked, all batteries are working. I recommend.

Everything corresponds to the description, fast delivery, i recommend the seller!

20 days to togliatti. The quality is visually excellent, but came discharged, 40 min. On charging are and only 65% next let's see how they will work.

It's okay.

Good batteries. Capacity more declared. You can take it.


Ilgai siuncia, bet akumuliatoriai Geri. Po Poros pilnu Testu Visu mole Paliko VIRS 2000

Two of the 8 batteries were defective-after 3 cycles, the charge/discharge capacity was 1100 mah and 1300 mah. In dispute, the seller returned their value.


Fast delivery, one battery was discharged

Batteries are super. Come quickly. After charging, the capacity corresponds to the declared, even more. The best option of all. The weight of the batteries is decent.

Many times i ordered these batteries and there were never problems. Also this time. My recommendations.

To kaliningrad came in a month, with tracking. Batteries are excellent, i take a second time. Capacity in the photo, after the first cycle. I recommend.

Of 8 pieces 1 battery. Came discharged at 0. I did not argue, charged, charged with kick, let's see what happens next. For such a price, i think the goods are normal, it's a pity the capacity to measure is nothing, but judging by the reviews even exceeds the declared. With the product did not communicate, the delivery is fast enough less than a month with tracking. In a word i recommend.

Everything is fine, come quickly. Good batteries. I recommend!

Product compatible with description

I order a second time, everything is fine.

Ok! Delivery ufa 3 weeks! Thank you seller!


Delivery to kaliningrad with full tracking for a month. Quality is good-the result in the photo (the capacity after one discharge/charge cycle; i assume that one did not reach the claimed, after two, three cycles will come to normal-so it was already with these aaa batteries). Batteries and seller recommend.

Good quality

Batteries are good, but one of eight was not working, the tester shows 0 volts

Of the 8 pieces, 2 batteries were blown and did not match the declared capacity. The rest of all normally opened a dispute, for 2 batteries money returned without problems. Therefore 5

Good batteries. I order not the first time, the quality is as always excellent. Seller recommend! Sent quickly, not any questions did not arise.

The goods are delivered, corresponds to the description, to check nothing, like all work...

Good batteries.

Thank you very much

The goods are good. I advise you.

Walked for a long time in the work did not check

Of 20 pieces, only one was below the declared characteristics, the rest on the return showed a good result!

The capacity corresponds, even just above the declared

Good batteries. Correspond to the description.

Compatible with description

Excellent as in the description. I take not the first time. I recommend.

Akkumov came for a month until he checked

Normal, take a second time, the capacity is normal, self-discharge is like all, but the price is lower

1 battery does not work and 3 others charged up to 1500 instead of 2200.

Description corresponds to but a large run in capacity in one package

Good batteries

In 50%, the battery capacity is less than 10% of the declared capacity.

Delivery is almost a month to krasnodar. I'll see in the work, time will show. Thanks to the seller and i recommend everyone to buy.

Excellent batteries, i recommend

Everything is in the best form, i recommend!!

There was a parcel about a month, corresponds to the description.

I buy not the first time from this seller. Excellent batteries. Charge hold for a long time. Sending and shipping fast. The track is not tracked but a message comes from the seller on arrival to the post office.

The package was not broken, the goods are in perfect condition.

Got to yekaterinburg in three weeks, work.

Everything is fine, thank you.

The goods are delivered very quickly. The capacity of the batteries corresponds to the declared. But two of the eight batteries are defective: the voltage is zero and do not charge.

All right, thank you.

Not for the first time i order batteries from this seller. And as always, all super hood.

Personally everything, delivery is fast, tracked, the seller is well done))))

Very satisfied.

Good goods.

Came in three weeks. Everybody's working.

From the cortex to the charger. Climbed on 700ma. Month to st. petersburg

Batteries i order a second time charging keep well

Delivery is fast. Batteries are good. By weight heavy. For a long time i wanted to buy myself batteries with a low self-discharge type gp recyko or sanyo eneloop. These are the same type. Internal resistance is small, the current is given well. The tester showed a short circuit current from 8,5 to 9,0 a. The rest-time will show.

Order shipped quickly and came quickly. No on the product release date!!! Ordered 8 aa batteries. Of one pack all ok, but the second hike of the year so 2016-2017... Conclusion-after 2 cycles "charge-discharge-charge"-all in the photo.

I always take this company, the indicators in 95 percent are higher or equal to the nominal value.

The batteries came quickly, the quality is satisfied

Batteries are normal. Capacity 2000 to 2400 mah. One of the eight was defective (initially there was a capacity of 1300 mah, potok after 4 charge/discharge cycles), the seller returned its cost.

Of the 16 had to rock 4 to the working capacity. And one did not want to charge at all. For price/quality-excellent

Come, whole, i take not the first time

Capacity does not match the declared

Everything is fine, everything is dirty

The batteries came quickly. Thank you!

I order 2 times batteries, everything is fine. Working. Delivery as in 1 time is also fast.

The declared characteristics correspond.


I ordered 8 pieces one of them is not working. The seller returned some of the money. I recommend!

Came sooo quickly for 2 weeks before astana!!!!!! Super!!!!! Great store!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend the seller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast delivery, according to the description, one battery was not working, the seller promises to send a replacement with the following order, recommend the seller

While working, did not charge yet. But the packaging on the collective farm is glued with ordinary tape, as if it was printed and i need a commercial appearance, it is not. One battery has a spot on the plus

Great. Seller and aliexpress super!

Got it, it works. Delivery more than a month.


Batteries received, delivery is fast, all whole. Performance has not yet checked

It came very quickly. The weight is heavy. I haven't tried it yet.

According to my checks, they have a capacity of 1700 to 2000 mah. Good capacity to be aa batteries


It's not the first time i buy these batteries from this seller. The package comes quickly, the quality of the batteries is very satisfied

The capacity of the battery corresponds to the declared.

Everything is ok. Delivery about a month.

all ok

Order received, corresponds to the declared reomenduyu


Thank you well

Everything came quickly. Quality did not test.

Excellent batteries. I order not for the first time, i recommend.

Quickly the track was tracked-i take such not the first time. they are almost like batteries. the first akuma for a year serve

Everything is fine

Delivery in the usual time, compliant product not yet tested but I already bought this brand in other formats and never disappointed.

Akkuma received, thank you, in the work we will check, later i will add feedback

There are no complaints about delivery and packaging, we will see how in operation.

Very fast shipping! Batteries are heavy. Charged, work well. The capacity to check is not on. Thank you seller!

My second order, went a month. excellent batteries.